To restore the horse’s electrolyte balance

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Elektrolyt contains sodium and magnesium who are essential minerals to maintain balance between fluids and electrolytes. When the horse is performing intense work and  losing large amounts of sweat, the electrolyte balance in the body can be disturbed and lead to dehydration. The horses sweat is hypertonic and contains a high concentration of electrolytes whom must be supplied after loss. Unbalance between fluids and electrolytes can be noticed as slower recovery, fatigue, reduced muscle function and impaired performance. Electrolytes can therefore be given to improve horse’s recovery and performance during high intensity work and competition periods. 


For horses after training or competition 

For horses when losing large amounts of sweat 

For horses when losing fluids, e.g. during diarrhea



10 ml (10 g) per 100 kg body weight and day during light workload 

20 ml (20 g)  per 100 kg body weight and day during intense workload or when significant sweat losses occur 

Mix with hard feed or in water 

Obs. The horse should always have free access to clean drinking water  


Blanda i fodergivan eller i dricksvatten.

Obs! hästen skall alltid ha fri tillgång till rent dricksvatten.

INGREDIENTS per 1000 g 

Sodium                          200 g 

Magnesium                   1,1 g 


Sodium chloride
Sodium bicarbonate
Soudium citrate
Magnesium sulfate


 24 month. See best before date


Store dry, cool and well sealed


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Size                  Pack   
1500 g                6
50000 g               1