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Swedish manufactured animal care
and feed supplement for horse's and dog's since 1954


We work exclusively with carefully chosen products to ensure that our finsihed products is of highest quality. All of our products are approved and we are proud of that all our production is placed in Sweden.


Knowledge is vital. We have long experience within physiology, nutrition and are constantly updated with the latest research.

Wellness & Performance

We work for wellness regardless performance level and strive to bring out the best of each individual.


Hyaluron 100


Copper supplement for horses 

Copper supplement for horses when feed ration is lacking copper or have an excessive iron intake. Copper is a vital mineral for many important functions in the body. Copper deficiency is often an underlying reason for horses to develop anemia. A sign of copper depletion that the coat changes colour. 

Hyaluron 365

Harmony Fix

First aid for intestinal problems

Harmony Fix contains Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a live yeast culture that gives the supplement with a high concentration of probiotics.  Harmony Fix’s high concentration of probiotics acts to increase the fiber fermentation in the horses hindgut. The fiber fermentation in turn benefits the good bacteria and stabilises the horses stomach and intestines. 


Working Dog

For joints and ligaments 

Collagen is an essential buildingblock the dog needs for maintenence of joints and ligaments.  Together with Hyaluronic acid, Chodriotin and MSM, Workign Dog Collagen gives the best effect on the joint structure during periods of rehab or intensive training.  

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Häst och hund


Trikems advisors gladly help you with question related to horses and dogs. If you have any questions regarding our products, if you want a personal feed ration or questions regarding the wellbeing of your animal? Please contact us. 

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