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Swedish manufactured animal care
and feed supplement for horse's and dog's since 1954


We work exclusively with carefully chosen products to ensure that our finsihed products is of highest quality. All of our products are approved and we are proud of that all our production is placed in Sweden.


Knowledge is vital. We have long experience within physiology, nutrition and are constantly updated with the latest research.

Wellness & Performance

We work for wellness regardless performance level and strive to bring out the best of each individual.

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See the complete supply of caring products and feed supplements for horses or dogs in our new product catalogues. Currently only available in swedish.

Support the horses stomach  

Harmony Fix | Trikem

Harmony Fix

Probiotic with live yeast culture

Harmony Fix’s high concentration of probiotics acts to increase the fiber fermentation in the horses hindgut. The fiber fermentation in turn benefits the good bacteria and stabilises the horses stomach and intestines. armony Fix contains Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a live yeast culture that gives the supplement with a high concentration of probiotics. 

Harmony | Trikem


Live yeast culture for a healthy gastrointestinal system

Harmony contributes to stabilizing the microflora in the hindgut and to increase the feed digestibility. Harmony helps to create a more stable microflora, an increased nutrient uptake and a sounder horse.  An imbalance in the gastrointestinal system may cause decreased nutrient uptake, loose droppings mudfever and poor hoof quality. 

Gut Balance | Trikem


Prebiotics for horse's

Gut Balance is based on a beneficial yeast culture which, together with the added prebiotics, helps to maintain the horse's microflora and stimulate the development of a healthy intestinal culture. GutBalance is recomended in case of intestinal disorders e.g. fecal fluid and watery stools. 

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