Minerals & Vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are crucial for the processes that take place in the body, even though they are needed in small amounts every day, they have a decisive role for health. In order for the dog to stay healthy and alert and to be able to perform at its peak, it needs to get all the vital nutrients..

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Among other, vitamins affect the dogs immune system, the muscles function and the quality of the coat. Minerals affect several of the body's vital functions such as the function of the organs, the development of the skeleton and the blood's ability to transport oxygen around the body. Vitamins and minerals should be given in the right proportion to each other and they should not be overdoses.

Vitamin deficiency
A diet poor in nutrients can lead to lack of vitamins and minerals, this applies to both us and the dogs. Lack of vitamins or minerals can lead to anything from skin problems and muscle cramps. Other factors that kan result in vitamin deficiency or mineral deficiency are for example sickness, stress or tough training.

The feed you give to your dog should be adapted to it's needs. Most kibble has a good balance of vitamins and minerals, however it is important to ensure that the dog eats enough to reach its daily needs of vitamins and minerals. Many choice to feed with fresh feed or barf, in that case its extra important to keep track, so the dog gets all the nutrients it needs. If you have questions about your dog's diet and food, you can always turn to our advisors

B-Vitamin Hund


With all the necessary B vitamins for your dog

B Vitamin contains all the B vitamins the dog needs. A good supplement for the dog during hard training or when changing coat. 

Multivitamin Hund


Supplement of vitamins and minerals for the dog

MultiVitamin is a supplement of vitamins, microminerals and trace elements. A easy way to secure the dogs daily needs.

WorkingDog Rehydrate


Electrolytes for the dog

ReHydrate is suitable for all dogs that gets effected of warm days. Rehydrate is perfect to have at home or bring on trips.

Working Dog
Coat & Skin

Nourishing oil for skin and coat

Coat & Skin is a nutritious oil with essential fatty acids, omega-3 and -6, MCT oil and lecithin. Everything for the fur's luster and strength and for the skin's natural barrier and well-being.​

Muscles & Joints

Stiff joints and muscles in dogs can have many different causes. Regardless, we do not want our dogs to be in pain and we would like to give them the best conditions to avoid pain. 

Overexertion or age 
Problems in joints and muscles can come from overexertion, stretching or having some kind of inflammation. When the dog gets older, it is common for it to suffer from joint pain when the cartilage in the joints wears out or hardens. Joint problems and wear and tear injuries such as osteoarthritis, joint inflammation and osteochondrosis are common in dogs.

The dog's joints and muscles need constant maintenance to avoid and prevent wear and tear and damage. This is best done by combining well-adapted supplements with external products such as liniment and cooling gel. Taking care of the dog's muscles and joints is just as important for the active dog as it is for the older individual.

​Choose the right supplement 
In this category you will find products containing collagen, glucosamine, green-lipped mussel and much more. It can be difficult to know which supplement that is right for your own dog, you are always welcome to contact one of our expert advisors who will be happy to help you find the right supplement for your dog. 

Hyaluron 365 | Trikem

Hyaluron 365

The optimal supplement for the dog's joints

A unique combination of hyaluronic acid and  nutrients for the dog's joint function and mobility.

Collagen | Trikem


För hållbara senor och ligament 

For dogs that needs support for ligaments, tendons and joints. The supplement is based on the many benefits of collagen for the bodys durability.

Glukosamin Hund | Trikem


With easily digested Glucosamine

Naturally glucosamine extracted from shell  fish, for the dogs joints. High absorbency.

Grönläppad Mussla | Trikem


Green-lipped Mussel

Pure extract of the Green-lipped mussel with nutrients for cartilage, connective tissue, skin and joint fluid. MaxGLM+ contains a high level of Glucosaminoglycans, Omega-3 (ETA, DHA, EPA) and Omega-6

Max Activity

För hundens prestation och återhämtning

MaxActivity is given to the active dog to create the right conditions for function and health

Max Muscle | Trikem


For the active dog's muscles and stamina

For the dogs endurance and musculature. Contains i.a. essential amino acids, MSM and vitamin E all for optimal muscle function. 

MSM hund | Trikem


For muscles and joints 

MSM is an organic sulfur compound that is found naturally in dogs. MSM is a part of the synthesis of i.a. cartilage, tendons and muscles.

Radital Liniment Hund | Trikem


The horse cure for sore muscles

Sweden's best selling liniment, used on animals and humans for over 65 years. Effective, double acting liniment that soothes and has a beneficial effect.

Radital Liniment Gel |Trikem


The horse cure for sore muscles

Sweden's best-selling liniment here in a smooth gel. Used on animals and humans for over 65 years. Effective, double-acting liniment that soothes and has a beneficial effect.

Radital  Kylgel | Trikem

Cooling Gel

Effektiv och djupverkande kyla

Fast acting cooling gel that gives a deep acting cooling effect. Cold can relieve temporary pain and reduce muscle bleeding, swelling and inflammation.

Competition Gel | Trikem

Competition Gel

Doping free, double action liniment gel

Popular liniment to use on muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Supports the recovery and act preventive.

Ice Gel | Trikem

Ice Gel

Cooling Liniment gel

Fast, effective and deep acting cold. Easy to apply on muscles, joints, tendons ang ligaments.

Arnica Gel Hund | Trikem

Arnica Gel

Mild, natural Arnica

Arnica is a proven liniment that has traditionally been used to dilate blood vessels and thus increase blood flow to the muscles.

Radital Värmesalva | Trikem

Radital Heat Ointment     

Beneficial warmth for sore muscles and tendons

Warming liniment ointment, long acting and beneficial for sore muscles and tendons.

Stomach & Intestines

An unbalance in the dog's digestive tract can be caused by the dog eating something inappropriate, changing of food or a change in the dog's environment. A dog with loose stools you can advantageously give a pre- or probiotic supplement to support the intestinal flora.

A stable intestinal flora and a well functioning stomach are crucial for optimal nutrient uptake and a healthy dog. Pre- and probiotics contribute to a balanced intestinal flora, improved digestion, optimized nutrient uptake and a stable pH value that  counteracts the development of toxic bacteria.


Max Digestive | Trikem

Working Dog
Max Digestive

For dogs with a upset or sensitive stomach

Max Digestive stabilizes the dog's gastrointestinal flora. Give to the dog who easily gets upset in the stomach or suffers from loose stools.

Working Dog
Flaxseed Oil

Natural source to omega 3 och omega 6

Cold pressed Flaxseed Oil that are gentle to the stomach and known for it´s anti inflammatory properties. Flaxseed Oil are suitable for dogs with skin problems or in case of a sensitive stomach. 

Working Dog
Coat & Skin

Nourishing oil for skin and coat

Coat & Skin is a nutritious oil with essential fatty acids, omega-3 and -6, MCT oil and lecithin. Everything for the fur's luster and strength and for the skin's natural barrier and well-being.​

Temperament & Boost

In order to maintain a well being dog that is able to preform the right balance of energy and focus is required. A stressed, nervous or anxious dog, who finds it difficult to relax, may suffer from a lack of important minerals and amino acids.​

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Serotonin is a hormone that is needed to regain balance after a stress attack. Tryptophan, thiamine and magnesium are substances required for the body's own serotonin production. A lack of any of these substances can result in a nervous, tense or anxious dog.

Aktiva hundar som vi vill ska prestera på topp är i behov av rätt energi som lätt kan tas upp av kroppen. En korrekt sammansatt olja med bl.a. MCT-olja ger extra energin och boost vid rätt tillfälle. Coat & Skin är skonsam mot kroppen och ett utmärkt val för den aktiva individen.

Max Relax | Trikem


For a balanced mind

MaxRelax contains Tryptophan from which the dog's body can form serotonin and melatonin. Dogs with low levels of serotonin may express a anxious, stressed and impulsive behavior

WorkingDog Energy Booster

Working Dog
Energy Booster

För snabb energi och uthållighet

En effektiv energiboost av 100% MCT-olja från kokos som förser musklerna med koncentrerad energi.  MCT-olja absorberas snabbt och omvandlas till kraftfull energi till cellerna.

Working Dog
Coat & Skin

För mer energi och uthållighet i träningen 

Coat & Skin är en näringsrik olja med bl.a. MCT-olja för extra energi. MCT-oljan skyddar och ger hjärnan bränsle samt bidrar till hundens kognitiva förmåga.

Fur care & External Care

Even our four legged friends needs a shower sometimes. In those cases it is important to have products adapted to the dog's fur and skin. It is also good to have a well equipped home pharmacy or in this case animal pharmacy at home. In this category you can find everything for dog c​are..

Shower or bath your dog
Regardless of whether you choose to shower or bathe your dog, you should have a shampoo and conditioner adapted for the dog. The shampoo should be gentle, have the right pH, give shine and last but not least have a cleansing effect. A conditioner moisturizes the coat and gives it back its water repellent effect and at the same time, it gives extra soft and glossy fur that is easy to sort out.

Home pharmacy 
A well equpied home pharmacy adapted for yor dog is good to have at home in the event of an accident. Here you will find products you need to take care of your dog's wounds or damaged skin. Chlorhexidine is bactericidal and is available in both shampoo and spray form, suitable to use on e.g. hotspots. Saline solution can be used as a cleanser for most wounds. Trikem's saline solution is physiological, ie. it has the same salinity as the body's own. This means that it does not sting when used in e.g. the eyes. 

Dry and cracked skin
For dry and cracked skin there are a number of ointments to choose from. The Equine Ointment, despite its name, is excellent to use on dogs with dry skin. In case of problems with the pads, there is the paw ointment that both protects and cares.

Tassalva | Trikem

Paw Ointment

Nurtures and protects the paw

A caring ointment that also protects the paw against wear, cold and dehydration.

Klorhexidinschampo | Trikem

Chlorhexidine Shampoo

Disinfect and cleanse damaged skin

Antiseptic shampoo for disinfection and cleansing of fur and skin. 

Ear Cleaner | Trikem

Ear Cleaner

Ear cleaning for dogs and cats

Cleaning solution for the care of the dog or cat's ears. 

Koksaltlösning Hund | Trikem

Saline Solution

Physiological saline solution for dogs

Saline solution for cleaning of wounds and rinse of the eyes. a must have in the home pharmacy. 

Klorhexidin spray | Trikem

Chlorhexidine Spray

Cleansing for minor skin damage and rashes

Chlorhexidine Spray for horse's and dog's. Chlorhexidine Spray is an antiseptic spray for cleansing of skin.

Gloss Shampoo

För en glansig och smutsavvisande päls

Ett milt och skonsamt schampo som rengör och ger pälsen glans och lyster under lång tid.

AloeVera Shampoo

With natural Aloe Vera

Gentle cleansing shampoo with natural Aloe Vera that cares for skin and coat. 

AloeVera Conditioner

Makes the coat soft and shiny

Dog conditioner with natural Aloe Vera that ease grooming of the coat and gives the coat strength and shine.

Vitamin Shampoo

Reparerar och stärker pälsen

Återuppbyggande och stärkande schampo för en stark och fyllig päls. 

Shampoo & Conditioner

Utgår fr.o.m. 25/5 -23

Vi behåller däremot våra vårdande schampo och balsam med Aloe Vera, Gloss schampo samt det näringsgivande vitamin-schampot.

Hästsalva | Trikem

Equine Ointment

As good for horse as for dogs

Emollient for dry or damaged skin. Enriched with zinc and AD vitamins for the skin's healing process.

Vaselin | Trikem


Protects the skin

Vaseline forms a protective film on the skin that acts water repellent. Protects against friction and chafing.

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