TRIKEM Gastro 1000 g

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    For horses after a veterinary treatment of gastric ulcers or when gastric ulcer is suspected
    For horses with previous gastric ulcers during stressful periods such as change of environment and travel.
    While using medication that may affect the stomach

    Gastro contains Lecithin that, together with polysaccharides, forms a gel barrier i the stomach that will protect the mucus membrane against gastric acid. Lecithin acts as a stomach balm and protects the mucus membrane of the stomach in horses with, or where you suspect a gastric ulcer. Gastric ulcers are a common problem that often originates from a low roughage intake or a stressful environment.

    Comes in pellets


    24 months. See best before date


    Store dry, cool and well sealed

    12 ml (10 g) per 100 kg body weight and day.
    The first 10 days double dose is recommended, thereafter continue according to recommendation.
    Mix dry with other feed (should not be soaked)
    When a gastric ulcer is suspected, alway contact a veterinarian.

    INGREDIENTS per 1000 g
    Lecitin 400 g
    Guar Gum 400 g
    Sodium Bicarbonate 150 g
    Kiselgur 50 g

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