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FAQ - Dog

We have collected a sample of common questions regarding dogs and their well being:

TRIKEMⓇ MaxRelax provides the dog with Tryptophan, Thiamine and Magnesium which all are necessary in order for the body to produce the endogenous serotonin and melatonin. Dogs who have low levels of serotonin can show a unsettled, stressed and impulsive behaviour. A supplement of tryptophan can increase the bodies levels of serotonin and in that way, balance their temperament.  

We recommend supplementation of TRIKEMⓇ MaxRelax in the daily diet if you have a dog who shows a unsettled or stressed behaviour. TRIKEMⓇ Max relax can also be given prior to a situation that you predict to be stressful for the dog, such as change of environment, fireworks, travel and competition.

It’s always good to try and find out what the dog is reacting to in the diet and try to avoid this as much as possible. For example some dogs reacts on different protein sources. Some dogs are more sensitive than others and can therefore need support of prebiotics and supplements that protects the stomach. TRIKEMⓇ MaxDigestive  is composed by a prebiotic yeast culture, lecithin and inulin that together work for a stable stomach and intestinal environment.

A joint supplement is generally given when you feel the dog needs extra support for the joints. This could be dogs who train at a high level, are older or who show stiffness.  

You should always be aware of changes in your dog. Is the dog starting to struggle to jump up in the car? Does it look stiff during the first or last part of your walks? If yes, it might be time to start giving a joint supplement.

For individual advice of what joint supplement is suitable for your dog, please contact us here:  Contact us.

Overweight amongst our dogs are becoming a more common problem that increases the risk for other health issues. For the dog to lose weight a negative energy balance is required, that means the dog needs to use more energy than what he consumes. This is done by either increasing the exercise level or decreasing the energy intake via the feed. Best is to combine the two, more exercise and decrease the energy intake. The energy intake of the dog is completely in the hands of the owner, and to see an actual change you have to perhaps change your own behaviour. The first step is to stop giving the dog snacks and treats between meals. It can be difficult to resist giving a treat, but remember it’s for the dog’s best! If you want to bring a reward for walks, a suitable alternative is carrots chopped into smaller pieces which is appreciated by many dogs. There are many diet feeds on the market, suitable if you want to feed your dog with a lower energy intake. 
Regarding exercise its a good idea to start off increasing the length of the walks. If you want to start running with your dog, the dog should be prepared for this exercise and be close to optimum weight.  It does not take a lot of excess kilos for the dogs joint to  suffer from incorrect loading and therefore it’s important that the exercise in increased gradually. 

If your dog is constantly upset in the stomach you should start looking at the feed your giving him, perhaps he’s sensitive to one of the ingredients? Some dogs are sensitive to grain, others to a specific protein source and sometimes it may not be the ingredient but the amount that he’s eating. 
If your dog generally as a healthy gut, but every now and then suffers from diarrhea and loose stool we recommend to give pre- or probiotics. Prebiotica is nutrients for the dogs gut flora and consist of several different carbohydrates  that has a positive effect on the microbes of the intestine
TRIKEMⓇ MaxDigestive contains prebiotics and acts to stabilize the gut flora. Probiotica is live microorganisms that rebalances the natural balance in the dog’s intestines. TRIKEMⓇ MaxProbact
contains both pro- and prebiotics which together acts to quickly rebalance the gut flora. 
Make sure the dog always has access to clean, fresh water as dogs with diarrhea has a higher risk of suffering from dehydration. You can give the dog a rehydration supplement, but you should always ask your veterinarian before as the dog does not lose salt in the same extent as humans and other animals do.

We recommend to use a shampoo made for dogs. Many of the hair care products made for humans contains perfumes and substances that aren’t suitable for the dogs skin and coat, and therefore the is a risk that the dog’s skin gets irritated and dry. The coat is supposed to protect the dog against the wet and cold. Therefore it’s important to use a conditioner to help hydrate the coat. Remember to dry the dog thoroughly after the bath to avoid  cold water tail.

TRIKEM has, apart from the WorkingDog-shampoo and conditioner, also Aloe Vera-shampoo and conditioner and Vitamin-shampoo.

Tanken bakom TRIKEMⓇ EnergyBooster should be used for the performing dog. TRIKEMⓇ Energy Booster contains MCT oils as well as CLA oil. MCT oil is made  up from molecules that easily is utilized by the body and provides the muscles with readily available energy. CLA är en fettsyra som kan öka förbränningen av kroppens fettreserver för att på så vis snabbt frigöra energi som hunden kan använda.TRIKEMⓇ EnergyBooster kan användas av hunden som behöver extra stöd i form av energi vid fysisk aktivitet t ex lämpar den sig väl till jakthunden, slädhunden eller agilityhunden.

Arthritis is a joint injury that causes stiff joint and lameness. Arthritis originates after wear and tear has occurred in the cartilage of the joint. The cartilage, which normally is smooth and even, becomes uneven, rough and inflamed. This will stimulate a healing process which leads to, amongst others, bony overgrowth around the edges of the joint. 
The bony overgrowth limits the mobility of the joint and therefore a dog suffering from arthritis often shows joint stiffness

Arthritis is more common on the older dog, but may occur on younger individuals that train intensively.  

Even if stiffness is the most common sign of arthritis it’s important to remember that many dogs don’t show signs of stiffness in early stages of arthritis. 

Arthritis is not a condition that can be cured and without care it will worsen over time. To support the dog and slow the development of arthritis, or the onset of stiffness, you can give a joint supplement to benefit the joint structure. TRIKEMⓇ MaxGlucosamin+, contains Glucosamine that plays an important role in the structure and regeneration of cartilage. TRIKEMⓇ MaxGLM+ contains pure extract of green lipped mussel that contains nutrients, important for cartilage and joint fluid.  Trikem Hyaluron365 is a more complete joint supplement and contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfur, MSM and hyaluronic acid. All substances act for a positive effect for the joint structure.

It depends on how big your dog is and if he is over- or underweight, how much energy it burns every day and how much energy the feed contains. Premade feeds often has guidelines and recommendations for the amount suitable for different dogs. 

To calculate your dog's daily energy need there are two formulas to use:  

For adult, inactive dogs and dogs in normal activity levels:

Digestible energy = 95 x (dogs body weight in kilos) 0,75     

Example 1:
A dog who weighs 22 kilos and goes for four walks per day, remaining time is mostly spent indoors. 

95 x (22) 0,75 =  965 kcal per day

For adult, active dogs:

Digestible energy = 130 x (dogs body weight in kilos) 0,75  

Example 2:
An adult hunting dog during peak season:

130 x (22) 0,75 =  1320 kcal per day 

If you use a feed that contains 1450 kJ/ 100 g you have to calculate it to the same unit that the dogs energy need is stated in (kcal). 

1 kcal = 4,1868 kJ 

1450/4,1868 = 346 kJ/100 g 

We take the dog in example 1, he will need (965/346) x 100 g = 280 g per day (of this particular feed).

Compare this with the dog in example 2 who will need to eat (1320/346) x 100 g = 382 g per day (of this particular feed).

It depends on what kind of wound your dog has. Is it a wound that originates from example an eczema or a wound from itching we recommend cleaning with TRIKEMⓇ Chlorhexidine shampoo that acts cleansing and disinfectant. Dry the skin thoroughly after wash. If the wound, on the other hand, comes from a scratch, puncture wound or paw wound it’s best to wash with TRIKEMⓇ Koksalt. After cleaning the wound, use TRIKEMⓇ Klorhexidin Spray to disinfect the wound without soaking the dog. To protect the wound further you can use TRIKEM Hästsalva or TRIKEM Tassalva. For bigger wounds or deeper cuts, always contact your veterinarian.

Lameness can depend on many different reasons. If the lameness appears acutely after a walk it may be due to a strain, overstrain or a crack in the paw pad. Cracks or wounds in the paw pads can be looked after by first cleaning with TRIKEM Koksalt and then apply TRIKEM Tassalvaas a hydrating and protective ointment. If the dog stretched or strained a leg it’s a good idea to initially let the dog have a couple days of rest. Always contact  your veterinarian if you feel unsure. To support a muscular strain we recommend massage with Radital Liniment on the exposed area.

To eat grass is a normal behaviour of dogs and there could be several reasons as to why the dog eats grass. It seems that some dogs eats grass because they enjoy the taste of it and there are dogs who eats grass to throw it up after. It this case the grass eating in most likely due to the dog trying to calm an unsettled stomach.  An unsettled stomach may be due to a feed change, sensitivity to a specific feed, perhaps the dog eaten something inappropriate or due to a more severe disease. It is not normal that the dog throws up regularly, if it’s an ongoing issue, veterinarian should be contacted.

Green lipped mussel contains both glycosaminoglycans, omega -3 fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, who all contribute to an improved joint health. Glycosaminoglycans has shown to have a pain relieving and antiinflammatory effect, as well as contributing to the regeneration of cartilage. It is possibles that all the nutrients work together and in that way supports the regeneration of cartilage in the damaged joint and joint fluid.

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